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Palm Pro 12-4-12
With Organic Enrichments and a Complete Micro Package
Product Number: 78030
1 Quart (32 fl oz)
For those of you that enjoy a warmer climate or tenderly care for Palms in your sun room, our Palm Pro is specifically formulated for palms and tropical ornamentals. This ancient monocot needs more TLC than your average plant. Our product is so completely attuned to their needs with 12 important nutrients including a package of micronutrients that are so essential for healthy palms. We've also added and organic ingredients including humic acid, sugars and Yucca. Along with 60% Slow Release Smart Nitrogen, there is no other all-encompassing high quality product to give your palms this special 'TLC'. And don't hesitate for one minute to use Palm Pro on your exotic tropical fruits such as mangos, avocadoes and what about that passion fruit.
  • Contains chelated Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Boron
  • Contains our smart nitrogen for slow nitrogen release
  • Natural sugars
  • Wetting agent
  • Humic acid to improve soil cation exchange
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