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18-0-6 Plus Micro's
For all Lawn and Landscaping Applications
Product Number: 78010
1 Quart (32 fl oz)
18-0-6 is the perfect combination of nitrogen, potassium and a complete package of micronutrients for grass, shrubs and trees. This balanced combination keeps plants healthy, green and happy. The 50% Slow Release Smart Nitrogen in 18-0-6 does not wash away with rain or irrigation, but invisibly sticks to grass blades or stays in the soil until the turf is ready to use it. This makes 18-0-6 smart for the environment, since it prevents harmful nitrogen run-off into ground waters and is a phosphate-free fertilizer

18-0-6 has been used for years at many of the most prestigious golf courses and private estates throughout the USA and around the world. Why not use the product that professionals rely on most?

A liquid fertilizer, 18-0-6 can be applied with any hose end sprayer or other garden sprayer including pump, backpack or trailer sprayers.
  • Excellent for all types of turf grass including warm and cool season grasses.
  • Safe to apply and play on the same day.
  • Ideal for trees, shrubs, and even pastures.
  • Easy for homeowner or professional lawn care use.
  • Use on pastures
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