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Q. Are the Simple Success products the same as Growth Products’ professional grade equivalents?
Yes. Simple Success is simply the retail name for the professional products that Growth Products has built its reputation on for over 30 years.
Q. What does N-P-K mean on a fertilizer label?
All fertilizers must list the percentages of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (potassium) they contain. These three elements are the ones used in the highest quantities by plants, and are therefore known as macro-nutrients. Each works in myriad ways to promote plant growth and health. A quick (and incomplete!) summary is that nitrogen primarily promotes foliage growth; phosphorus primarily promotes the development of roots, blossoms and fruits; and potassium helps in root development, photosynthesis, and cold and heat tolerance. Note that the numbers on a fertilizer label are percentages. Thus, a fertilizer labeled 10-10-10 has 10% N, 10% P, and 10% K, while a fertilizer labeled 16-4-10 has 16% N, 4% P, and 10% K.
Q. What happens if it rains right after I apply a Simple Success fertilizer?
If it rains immediately after application, while the product is still wet, the fertilizer will simply wash off the leaves and into the soil, where it will be absorbed through the plant roots.
Q. Can I keep leftover Growth Products solutions for later use?
Once you open a bottle, it is best to use its contents within two years of purchase. Be sure to close the container between uses, for maximum freshness. Once you have mixed a product with water, it is best to use the mixture within 24 hours. If mixing with other fungicides or herbicides, follow the directions listed on those products’ labels which may have more stringent time limits for application.
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