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Gardening Simple Success™ delivers all the benefits of 30+ years of expertise by Growth Products Ltd., one of America's premier manufacturers of professional slow-release fertilizers and liquid organics. Growth Products' professional products are used on some of the world's most renowned golf courses, prestigious private estates, major league stadiums, as well as in nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards and farms in more than 30 countries on five continents world-wide.
Made For The Master Gardener
Over the years there has been an interest in our products from what we call "Master Gardeners." These are people who consider gardening their passion and pastime, putting in the extra effort to create truly remarkable vegetable and perennial gardens, landscapes and the best lawns in the neighborhood! As a Master Gardener we know you want only the highest quality products which are good for the environment, safe for people and pets, and provide real visible results!
When Your Garden and Landscape Are Your Passion!
Growth Products' Simple Success™ retail line of nutrients for Master Gardeners and DIY homeowners is made from the highest quality, most pure sources of plant food available. This translates into products that are not only good for the garden but good for the environment and good for you. When added to your garden, lawn or flower beds, Simple Success™ nutrients are absorbed by the plants, and therefore do not leach into the ground water. With no unwanted additives these products do not contain contaminates such as heavy metals, arsenic and GMOs which are found in many fertilizers. Our products are made with food grade and technical materials, the same as those used in your food and in pharmaceutical products intended for human consumption, so they are pure and clean. We have carefully selected ingredients in our fertilizers that do not contain nitrates, chlorides and unwanted salts so they do not harm the environment.
Make A Difference
You can apply Growth Products' Simple Success™ products and feel good about taking care of the environment and being healthy. Many products in the Simple Success™ line are made with natural and organic materials such as kelp, fish, sugars, and bacillus bacteria, supplying important nutrients for healthy roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit while improving your soil's quality.
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