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Large Cucumbers, Swiss Chard And Beans Grown With The Assistance Of Triple Ten 10-10-10 And Essential Plus 1-0-1 Make For An Amazing Salad!

1 1/2 Foot Long Cucumbers, Tender Swiss Chard and Beans Galore… All grown with the assistance of Simple Success Triple Ten 10-10-10 and Essential Plus 1-0-1!

1 1/2 Foot Long Cucumbers, Beans, Swiss Chard Grown With Triple 10 and Essential

Blanched Beans being prepared for the salad.

Blanching Beans For Salad

The delicious garden fresh finished product!

Finished SaladUse Simple Success products to minimize effort and maximize the results of your vegetable garden!

From Seed to Salad in Eleven Days

Growth Product’s Simple Success line of products was created with the Master Gardener in mind.  In order to demonstrate Simple Success’s ability to grow quality crops that are healthy for consumption we tracked a Master Gardener located in Southern Florida, as he grew red radishes with Simple Success products using the recommended rates found on the Simple Success label.


Our Master Gardener began preparing his garden with a tractor and rototiller in order to loosen the soil, the following day, the preparation process continued when an irrigation system was installed.

Soil in South Florida is traditionally 90% sand.  The loose nature of sandy soil allows water and nutrients to drain away quickly.  Because of this, it was important for the garden to be watered daily.  On days that it did not rain, our Master Gardener turned on his irrigation system for approximately an hour every evening.


The Garden was watered for 3 days after the irrigation system was installed.  On the fourth day, seed were applied to the row, approximately 1-2” apart and lightly covered with soil.   After planting, the seeds were immediately drenched with Companion Biological Fungicide, Essential Plus 1-0-1, & 8-32-5 Starter Plus.  After applying Simple Success Products, the irrigation system was turned on.


A mere two days after planting the seeds, the first signs of germination have appeared.  Three days later, our Master Gardener fertilized again using Triple 10 and Companion with the recommended rates on the Simple Success label.


Success!  Only 11 days after planting, our seeds have grown into a beautiful red radishes that are ready for to use in your soup, salad, or juice.