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Large Cucumbers, Swiss Chard And Beans Grown With The Assistance Of Triple Ten 10-10-10 And Essential Plus 1-0-1 Make For An Amazing Salad!

1 1/2 Foot Long Cucumbers, Tender Swiss Chard and Beans Galore… All grown with the assistance of Simple Success Triple Ten 10-10-10 and Essential Plus 1-0-1!

1 1/2 Foot Long Cucumbers, Beans, Swiss Chard Grown With Triple 10 and Essential

Blanched Beans being prepared for the salad.

Blanching Beans For Salad

The delicious garden fresh finished product!

Finished SaladUse Simple Success products to minimize effort and maximize the results of your vegetable garden!

Ask A Master Gardener – Essential Plus 1-0-1 is your “Jack of All Trades”

In today’s ‘Ask a Master Gardener’ feature, we discuss the versatility of Essential Plus 1-0-1.  You can learn more about Essential Plus by visiting the product page on our website and if you have a question for our Master Gardener please email us at


Can your Essential Plus 1-0-1 listed under landscape and agriculture be used interchangeably on tree and food crops and at the same application rate?

Sandra, Banks, OR


Dear Sandra,

That is a very good question. We developed Essential many years ago to solve the problem with bad soil that was robbed of all the good topsoil. Beautiful specimen trees had been plant on a very large estate in this very bad soil and were dying off each year. The soil was so compacted that we broke our soil probe trying to get samples. From that experience we knew we had something good with Essential and then tested it on food crops at Rutgers University to see if it’s humic acid would help soil that had high levels of phosphorus from years and years of farming. And yes Essential produced an average of 200 more lbs of cabbage per acre than the control. From trees to cabbage and more!
So a long story to tell you yes that Essential can be used on all plant materials from flowers to trees to turf to food crops to correct soil problems to help avoid transplant shock and stimulate new root growth.   Application rates only slightly from 2 to 5 oz. per gallon. You can check different rate on our retail or professional websites.


Clare, Master Gardener