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The simplest task to keeping a happy and healthy garden is water your plants regularly. So why not add a little Simple Success to your watering can or sprayer and feed them at the same time? The seven Simple Success products – one to match a gardener’s every need – will take your annuals, vegetables, perennials, trees, shrubs, and houseplants from seed to perfect finish, all with the ease of watering.
Keeping it Simple!
  • Water & Feed - whenever you’re planting ANYTHING! We can help you to quickly establish your new plants.
  • Water & Feed - your vegetable garden with 100% ORGANIC plant food to grow larger more plentiful veggies.
  • Water & Feed - when SEEDING your lawn for improved germination and quick growth.
  • Water & Feed - your beds of annual, flower baskets, and pots weekly throughout the summer for VIBRANT VIVID BLOOMS.
  • Water & Feed - to get rid of common GARDEN DISEASES such as Root Rot, Blossom End Rot, Blights And Wilts.
Growth Products' Simple Success retail line of nutrients for Master Gardeners is made from the highest quality, most pure sources of plant food available. This translates into products that not only create superior gardens, but are good for the environment and for you. We guarantee you that no Simple Success products contains nitrates, chlorides, salts, heavy metals, and GMO's. Instead, the carefully developed formulas contains natural and organic materials for a more sustainable ecosystem for our children and grandchildren.
Core Values
  • Grow the most superb plants possible with visible results - guaranteed
  • Use pure ingredients that meet the highest quality standards
  • Be good for the environment
  • Be natural and organic for healthier, more nutritious foods
  • Manufactured in the USA with American materials to support our domestic economy
The Simple Success Mission is:
  1. The purest ingredients that must meet our highest quality standards
  2. Be good for the environment
  3. Be organic and healthy for consumption
  4. Grow the best plants possible
  5. Made in America and made with American raw materials – supporting the domestic economy
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Fast and abundant seed germination with strong and healthy roots. A great start for your herbs, veggies, and flowers.
View our hydroponics application rates for the Simple Success line.
Extend the life of those gorgeous blooms, and stimulate new stem growth for a continuous stream of flowers.
Used by prestigious golf courses and estates for a dark green, healthy color most desired.
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